Magento Mobile App Builder by Knowband


Magento Mobile App Builder by Knowband: Most facile way to upgrade your Magento Store

Developing featured Android and iOS apps wasn't this easy until Knowband brought this efficient framework Magento Mobile App Builder. The apps created by Magneto mobile app maker are fully native and thus work flawlessly on both Android and iOS platforms. Earlier, in order to take your store to mobile platform you need to hire a professional developer not just for creation but also for simultaneous management of app and web-store. But, with mobile app maker for Magento stores, you can't just develop flawless apps for your store but also can manage both app and website at the same time without any manual effort. Let's take a look at some of its features and functionalities in a bit detail which could benefit you.

1. Automatic connection  

The apps and your Magento store are automatically connected with each other in real time. The changes made in the store inventory will directly be reverted on the application. Thus, the management of your business doesn't require you to input extra efforts with Knowband mobile app extension.

2. Custom design

  

The mobile apps created by Magento Mobile App Creator allows you to design your app interface as per your requirements. All the product categorization on your web store is completely mapped on the application. Different theme colors and font styles are there in the app to choose from. You can make the app attractive and engaging for the front-end users without any hassle.

3. Flawless functionality  

The Magento mobile apps by Knowband are optimized with tablet and mobile devices. They even supports multiple screen sizes which makes them error-free on the various handheld devices as smartphones, tablets, iPhone and iPads.

4. Handy support 

The mobile apps are fully native and comes with multiple supports. Different product types as single, configurable, bundled and virtual products are compatible with the apps. All sorts of payment methods of your store are supported by Magento mobile app maker. Two methods PayPal and COD are already incorporated in the app by default. Various shipping methods are even supported by these applications.

Multiple coupons and vouchers are supported by mobile app builder for Magento stores. You can easily offer your users discounts and offerings with the mobile coupons.

5. Social media benefits

  

Social media integration in the apps makes this module the best choice for your business. Facebook and Google+ login options are provided for easy login of front-end users. The users can even share your store products to the various social networks directly from the product page screen.

6. Easy product search

 

Users can simply find any product with the layered navigation offered in Magento mobile apps. Voice search is also there in the Android apps to find products with voice notes.

7. User support  

Zopim services in the Android and iOS apps allow the store admin to provide 24/7 support to the front end users. Online shoppers can ask their queries and concern directly through the mobile application.

8. Seamless checkout

  

Single page efficient checkout is offered in Magento eCommerce mobile apps. The simplified checkout screen even motivates the users to finish the product purchase without abandoning the cart. Wishlist functionality also allows the users to bookmark their favorite products for later purchase. It kind of bounds the users to revisit the app and purchase the products.

9. Direct marketing

  

Magento mobile app builder provides an easy marketing channel for your store with push notifications. You can easily promote the products among a wide range of mobile-based users with push notification channel. Banners and sliders are present at the home screen of the application for product promotion and marketing.

10. Better shopping experience

 

With such intuitive features, the user experience would get better and thus you can lead to some heavy conversions for your store. Users can even view the delivery status of the placed order with the mobile application.

Want more info on the module, read the following Magento mobile app maker user manual Want to test your store on the app, refer following links: Magento Android and iOS mobile app admin demo Magento Android app front demo Magento iOS app front demo Watch this video tutorial to experience the complete app functionality.


Magento Mobile App Builder by Knowband

Magento Mobile App Builder by Knowband: Most facile way to upgrade your Magento Store Developing featured Android and iOS apps wasn't this easy until...

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