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OpenCart Mobile app builder: Enhance your web store sales with Android/iOS apps

In eCommerce business, there might be various means to increase the sales ratio of your store, no one can deny the fact that mobile application can do the job in the most facile way. The Android and iOS apps not only target almost all the mobile based users, but also opens the door of growth opportunities for your store. Being an e-merchant you would have realized that majority of the eCommerce section have gone mobile. So, if you haven't upgraded your store till now, this is the right time. Mobile apps have revolutionized the ways of online shopping. Earlier the buyers were only dependent on the desktop websites, but their interest shifted to mobile as the app industry got developed. Knowband bought the simplest solution to upgrade your OpenCart store into Android and iOS application with OpenCart Mobile App Builder. This extension is by far the most robust and pocket friendly solution you can get for your web-store. Even the module comes with various advanced features and functionalities. The apps are automatically connected to the web store and you need not put any extra effort in managing your business. All the website functionalities are there in the mobile app.

Key Features of OpenCart eCommerce app creator:

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Multiple themes are offered in mobile app by OpenCart android/iOS app maker. Store admin can match app theme with website theme. OpenCart mobile app builder for android/iOS automatically sync web store with mobile app. Store admin need not to worry about any kind manual work in it. Multiple screen size compatibility in mobile apps makes them compatible with every handheld device. OpenCart mobile app builder provides an adaptive UI which works flawlessly on every device. OpenCart eCommerce mobile app creator offers multi-lingual support in apps allowing store owners to display app content in desired language. It even supports RTL writing styles. OpenCart Mobile App Builder extension supports all sorts of products i.e. app users can easily buy bundled, grouped, single or virtual products. Various shipping methods are supported in mobile app by OpenCart eCommerce mobile app creator for Android/iOS making product delivery hassle free. These mobile apps even supports different types of payment methods. The eCommerce OpenCart mobile app builder provides social login option allowing app users to quickly access through their social media accounts. Wish list is also incorporated in the mobile app allowing its users to save their favorite product for later purchase. It even increases the chances of additional purchase. With in-built Zopim Chat service of OpenCart eCommerce mobile app creator, users can chat directly with store admin regarding any help. OpenCart store owners can send personalized push notifications to mobile apps which can be customized easily from back-end interface.

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OpenCart mobile app builder extension supports all types of coupon codes. These mCoupons are a modern way of offering discount. OpenCart eCommerce mobile app maker provides one page checkout in the mobile application to benefit its users with easy order placing. Mobile app builder for OpenCart offers order tracking options in their mobile app. This is one way to provide better shopping experience to the app users. The OpenCart eCommerce android mobile app builder provides voice search feature in android apps. Users can search the products easily with the mobile app.This feature is missing for iOS platform.

Admin Benefits:     

OpenCart online sellers don't need to sync their web store with app manually. It is automatically done by OpenCart mobile app builder without any hassle. OpenCart store merchants can easily increase the conversion rate of website through simplified one page checkout in mobile app. Wish list feature incorporated in mobile app not only allows app users to save their favorite products but also lets them understand current market demand. OpenCart store owners can provide offers and discounts to its app users through mobile coupons. This also helps in grabbing visitor's attention towards store. OpenCart store owners can notify about the various activities of the store, sale or offer just by sending push notifications. Instead of annoying mass messages and e-mails, it seems to be a better option to target users.

Get to know more about the OpenCart mobile app builder module with OpenCart mobile app developer User Manual OpenCart Android/iOS mobile app builder admin demo OpenCart Android app front demo OpenCart iOS app front demo Watch how this plugin works?


OpenCart Mobile App Builder by Knowband

OpenCart Mobile app builder: Enhance your web store sales with Android/iOS apps In eCommerce business, there might be various means to increase the s...

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