Prestashop Facebook Store Integration Addon by Knowband


Knowband's Prestashop Facebook Shop Addon allows the admin to reach a targeted audience with their product offerings and content. With Prestashop Facebook Store Setup module, store owners can strengthen their social presence using the Facebook features. Prestashop FB Store addon automatically synchronizes the changes in products details with the Facebook Page. By implementing this Prestashop addon on the site, admin can start earning revenues from direct selling via Facebook. Prestashop FB shop integration allows you to serve a native shopping experience to the Facebook users.

Prestashop Facebook Store Integration addon Features

1. Connect 'N' number of Facebook pages and manage them from a single backend panel of Prestashop FB Store Addon. 2. Boost site traffic and conversion rates using Prestashop Facebook Store Setup module. 3. Engage more and more social platform audience for your online store using this Prestashop Facebook Shop Addon. 4. Prestashop FB shop integration module offers a configurable navigation menu to the store merchants.

5. Prestashop Facebook store module adds a search field on the Facebook Store homepage, allowing the customers to search for desired products and categories.

6. With the Google Analytics feature of Prestashop Facebook Store Integration, admin can have the insight of the Facebook page performance.

7. The store admin can even add a desired homepage banner and logo image to their FB Shop page, to make it look attractive to the FB users. 8. Using Facebook store integration with Prestashop, admin can add a 'Add to cart' button on the shop page, which automatically redirects the customer to the main website. 9. Using Prestashop Facebook Shop Addon, admin can even adjust the product image size on the FB store page dimensions.

10. Add footer content to the Facebook Shop Homepage with Prestashop Facebook Store Integration addon. 11. Show Homepage content on the Facebook Business page using Prestashop Facebook Store Setup module. 12. With Knowband Prestashop FB shop integration module, admin can set a theme color for their Prestashop FB Store page. 13. Prestashop Facebook shop integration module lets the admin display the site products on the Facebook store or they can show custom products only as per their needs. 14. Admin can set the list of featured products that have to be shown on the Facebook page using Prestashop Facebook Shop Addon.

15. Similarly, Prestashop FB shop integration module allows the admin to set the featured categories on the Home page of the Facebook store. 16. With Prestashop Facebook Store Setup, admin can set the menu items which will be shown on the home page of Prestashop FB Store. 17. Prestashop FB store integration addon can be effortlessly installed and configured for a particular site without requiring any coding skills.

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Prestashop Facebook Store Integration Addon by Knowband

Knowband's Prestashop Facebook Shop Addon allows the admin to reach a targeted audience with their product offerings and content. With Prestashop Face...

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