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Last Updated: Sunday, 1 February 2015 ~ 1136 Listings ~ Newly Rested: Comets & Criminals DoD: 05Jan15 Crossed Genres Publications DoD: 12Jan15 Shock Totem DoD: 12Jan15 Twenty Or Less Press DoD: 12Jan15 Gud Magazine DoD: 16Jan15 The New Bedlam Project DoD: 26Jan15 Cemetery Moon DoD: 30Jan15 Aoife's Kiss DoD: 01Feb15 Beyond Centauri DoD: 01Feb15 Cosmic Crime Stories DoD: 01Feb15 Hungur Magazine DoD: 01Feb15 ParABNormal Digest DoD: 01Feb15 These are (to the best of my knowledge!) discontinued or on indefinite hiatus (OIH) markets that were prevously listed as submission-active fiction or poetry markets at Ralan.com (they may still be publishing-active web sites, however, and may still accept nonfiction subs only). Ralan.com can assume no responsibility if some of them are in fact become submission-active again and do not make notification to me of that fact. Keep in mind that this is a fast moving business. You should always snailmail, e-mail, or check the URL to make sure the magazine is really, really dead. While these URL links and e-mail addresses are solely for the use of authors who may have outstanding submissions or questions, many are defunct even though in some cases the web sites are maintained as archives for a period. Please let me know if anything here is incorrect, out of date, or if you have proof of a submission-active market. These listings are provided in good faith with the belief that the infomation is correct, but no responsibility for any errors or omissions can be accepted. Each visitor assumes all risk associated with its use or misuse.

Please note that all e-mail addresses on this site are protected to avoid abuse by spammers. For some of them you need a JavaScript-enabled browser to see the e-mail address.

A [TOP] Abaddon: A Journal of the Imaginary - was published by Saturn Press, PO Box 2258 Carlingford Court, NSW 2118, Australia. E-mail Abandoned Towers - -OIH- semiweekly webzine/2-3/year print; any genre (fic/nonfic/poem/art/comics, audio/etc.). Paid: <$10. K.E. Abel, Managing Editor DoD: 25Nov13

Aberrant Dreams - -OIH- webzine/audio/annual print; sf/f/supernat h (fic/flash/poem). Paid: fic=3¢/word. Joseph W. Dickerson & J. Lonny Harper, Editors. OIH: 17Jan11

Abby The Troll Publications - was e-book publisher; f/sf/h. Paid 25-35% retail. Jason Laseman, Publisher/Editor. DoD: 20Jun01 Aberations - print, SF/F/H. Sirius Fiction, PO Box 460430, San Francisco, CA 94146-0430. Abomination - -OIH- quarterly e-book; sf/h (fic/poem/art). Paid: <1¢/word. Corey J. Goldberg & Bryan Babin, Editors DoD: 05Jul13 Aboriginal - was quarterly print; sf/act-adv/spaceop/science fantasy. Paid $200. Charles C. Ryan, Editor. DoD: 4Sep01 Absolute Magnitude - was irregularly printed; sf (fic). Paid: 7-10¢/word. Warren Lapine, Editor. DoD: 17Aug07 Abstracts - was quarterly print; all genres. Paid: discounts. A. Nicole Thomas/Elizabeth Peake, Editors. DoD: 15Sep02 Action Horror.com - was irregular webzine/podcasts; any genre with action horror (fic/nonfic (query)). Paid: exposure. J.M. Perkins, Editor DoD: 30Sep13 Active Bladder - was print publisher; h/mys/sf/romance (fic). Paid: 30% net royalty. John Osborn, Publisher. DoD: 21Feb05 Adhoc - webzine; all genres. Paid £200. Colin Greenland, Fiction Editor. DoD: 1Feb02 Adventures of Sword & Sorcery Magazine - was print; s&s/heroic/hf. Paid 3-6¢/word. Randy Dannenfelser, Editor. DoD: 04Nov03 Aeon Speculative Fiction - was quarterly e-zine; sf/f/h (fic/nonfic/poem). Paid: 6¢/word. Marti McKenna & Bridget McKenna, Editors. DoD: 20Nov08 The Aether Age eZine - was weekly e-zine; sf/f/h set in Aether Age (fic/flash/poem). Paid: $5. Alexandra Seidel, Editor DoD: 30Jan12 Afterburn SF - was biweekly e-zine; sf/f/h (fic). Paid: $30. Nat Thompson, Editor. DoD: 28Jun10 After Ever After - -OIH- occasional webzine blog project; apocalyptic (fic/flash/poem). Paid: $10. Scotch, Editor DoD: 23Mar13 Age of Wonder Alchemy - was print magazine; f only (fic). Paid: 5¢/word. Steve Pasechnick, Editor. DoD: 28Apr08 Alchemy Novellas - was quarterly POD/eAntho; f/h/sf/noir/adventure (fic). Paid: <£ +shared roy. Peter Coleborn, Editor DoD: 07Apr13 AlienSkin - was bimonthly webzine; sf/f/h (flash/micro-fic/poem). Paid: <$10. Katherine A. Patterson, Senior Editor. DoD: 15Jun10 Alien Q - Art Bacon & Verna Mitchell, Editors; 11231 San Fernando Road, San Fernando, CA 91340. E-mail; DoD: 15Jan02 The A-List - was monthly webzine; multi-genre. Paid 1¢/word. Edna Evans, Editor; PO Box 1645, Ellicott City, MD 21041-1645. E-mail; DoD: 6Mar02 All Hallows - was biannual print; supernat/ghost (fic/nonfic). Paid: copies/exposure. Barbara Roden, Editor. DoD: 25Jan11 All Possible Worlds - was quarterly print/e-zine; sf/f (fic/art). Paid: 1.2¢/word. Jason Champion/Suzanne Coleman, Editors. DoD: 19Oct07 AlphaDrive - webzine; sf. Paid 2-6¢/word. S.C. Virtes, Editor, 306 W. El Norte Pkwy, Suite N-201, Escondido CA 92026; E-mail. Alsirat - monthly webzine; H. Paid $25 for 2-5k words. RT: 1-6 months. Joel GAzix-SAX, Editor. E-mail; DoD: 7May01 Altair Speculative Fiction - was biannual print & webzine; sf/f. Robert N. Stephenson, Editor DoD: 14Mar01 Altered Perceptions - bi-monthly print, sf/h. Paid 1/4¢/word/copies. E-mail. Alternate Realities - was quarterly webzine; sf/f/h/thriller (fic/nonfic). Paid: $5-$10. Joan M. McCarty, Editor-in-Chief. DoD: 8Jun03 Alternative Coordinates - was quarterly webzine with audio; sf/f/h/SpecFic (fic/poem/audio script). Paid: <1½¢/word. Jeff Cochran, Editor. DoD: 14Feb11 Amatory Ink - was e-book publisher; Erotica, most genres (fic//poem). Paid: royalty. Roy Larkin, Publisher. DoD: 02Oct06 Amazing Journeys - was quarterly print; sf/f (fic/poem), Paid: ¼¢/word. Edward Knight, Editor. DoD: 09Jun06 Amazing Stories - was monthly print; fantastic genres (fic/nonfic/comics/cartoons). Paid: 10¢/word/copies. Jeff Berkwits, Editor-in-Chief. DoD: 08Nov05 Ambitions - was monthly webzine; sf/f, most genres (fic/nonfic/poem). Paid: $4. Ben Scarlato, Publisher. DoD: 05Sep05 Amelia Magazine - was quarterly print; most genres, lit. Paid $35/2 copys. Frederick A. Raborg, Jr., Editor (RIP 13Aug01). E-mail; DoD: 12Sep01 Amityville House of Pancakes - quarterly webzine; most genres. Paid: exposure. Pete Allen, Editor DoD: 24Nov03 Anathema - was monthly webzine; sf/f/h/SpecFic (fic). Paid: $25. Heidi Lampietti, Editor. DoD: 15Sep08 Another Chapter - was biweekly serial e-zine; most genres (fic/art). Paid: 22½% royalty. Betsy Gallup, et al, Editors. DoD: 12Feb05 Anthro - -OIH- bimonthly webzine; all genres w/ anthropomorphic (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: exposure. Quentin Long, Editor DoD: 08Apr13 Anthrolations - was print; anthropomorphic (fic/art). Paid: ½¢/word. Jeff Eddy & Kristopher Schnee, Editors. DoD: 03Nov08 Antithesis Common - was quarterly e-zine; all genres (fic/flash/nonfic/poem/art/etc.). Paid: exposure. Sharon Hadrian, Senior Editor. DoD: 14Dec07 Anxiety Publications - was chapbook publisher; vampire h/f/paranorm/f-rom. Paid: 10 copies. Kate Hill/Portland Elizebeth, Editors. E-mail; DoD: 13Nov02 Aoife's Kiss - was quarterly print; sf/f (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: <$15. ?, Editor DoD: 01Feb15 Aphrodite's Mansion - was monthly e-zine; erotica (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: exposure. Christophe Dupont, Editor DoD: 14Mar12 Apocalypse Fiction - was bimonthly webzine; SF. Paid: exposure. Scott Carr, Editor. DoD: 15Jan07 Arabella Romances - was bi-monthly print; all romance genres (fic/nonfic). Paid: 10¢/word. Melissa Wohl, Editor-in-Chief DoD: 16Jan05 Arcane - was quarterly POD/eBook; h/weird (fic). Paid: 1¢/word. Nathan Shumate, Editor DoD: 03Jan12 Argonaut - Michael Ambrose, editor, PO Box 4201, Austin, TX , 78765-4201 Argosy - was bimonthly print; mys/sus/sf/f/mainstrm (fic/nonfic). Paid: 10¢/word. James Owen, Designer/Editorial Director. DoD: 14Aug07 Arkham Tales - was quarterly PDF; sf/f/h/expermental (Lovecraft) (fic). Paid: 1¢/word. Nathan Shumate, Head Editor. DoD: 23Mar11 Art&Prose - suspended bimonthly e-zine; all genres (fic/nonfic/poem/art/comics). Paid: $10. John Johnson, Editor-in-Chief. DoD: 15May08 Artemis - was 2-3 issues/year print; sf (fic/nonfic). Paid: 3-5¢/word. Ian Randal Strock, Editor. DoD: 08Nov05 Artichoke Down Press - was small press print; SpecFic/f/mr/h (fic/nonfic). Paid: 15% royalty. Matt Dinniman, Senior Editor. DoD: 21Sep04 The Art of Horror - monthly webzine; h (fic/nonfic/poem). Paid: <$10. 708 S. 15th, Manitowoc WI 54220, U.S.A. Danielle Naibert, Editor. DoD: 1Sep03 As of Yet Untitled - proposed print, never published; most genres, (fic/poem/nonfic). Johnny Eponymous, Editor DoD: 02Apr04 Astounding Tales - was quarterly e-zine; sf/f/h (fic). Paid: $25/lead story & exposure. Arthur Sanchez/Keith Graham, Editors.. DoD: 03Mar06 Astropoetica - was webzine; all genres, astronomical (poem). Paid: $5. Emily Gaskin, Editor DoD: 04Jun14 Asylett Press - was e-books; all genres, no erotica or gay/lesbian (fic/nonfic). Paid: 40% gross. JoAnne May & Kay Collins, Senior Editors DoD: 14Dec11 Atomic Avarice - was quarterly e-zine; all genres (fic/flash/nonfic/poem/art/photo). Paid: 1¢/word. Jamie DiMarco, Editor DoD: 07Jul13 Atomic Westerns - Kirk Whitham, editor, 111 E. Drake Rd., Suite 7106, Ft. Collins, CO 80525 Atomjack - was weekly webzine; sf (fic/flash/nonfic/poem/art/comics). Paid: $20. Adicus Ryan Garton, Editor. DoD: 07Dec09 At the Brink of Madness - monthly webzine; h. Paid 2¢/word. Michael McDonough, Editor, 127 Wood Oak Drive Westbury, New York 11590. Au Juice - print/webzine, articles/humor. Paid 10¢/word, Fred Dodsworth, Editor, Box 9068, Berkeley, CA 94709-1436, (510) 548-0697. Aura Speculative Fiction - was eBook/print; all non-erotic SpecFic (fic). Paid: 35%-40%. Sandra Hicks, Editor-in-Chief DoD: 18Oct11 Australoz - was quarterly webzine; myth/sf/h (fic/nonfic/poem). Paid: exposure. Michael Connolly, Editor. DoD: 27Aug07 Authority Magazine - was quarterly e-zine; all genres, themed (fic). Paid: exposure. Damien G Walter, Editor. DoD: 09Aug07 B [TOP] Back Roads - was quarterly POD; rural h (fic/art). PaID: $10 or copy. Sam & Josie Hawken, Editors. DoD: 12Nov07 Bad Dreams - quarterly webzine, h. Paid: exposure. Bill Niese, Editor, or Mehitobel Wilson, Ass. Editor. Jim Baen's Universe - was bimonthly e-zine ; sf/f adv. (fic/art). Paid: 6¢-25¢/word +royalty. Eric Flint, Editor. DoD: 06Aug09 Ballista - was semiannual print; h/paranorm/suprnat/macabre/df (fic). Paid: £5 +copy. Paul Neads/Andrew Myers, Editors. DoD: 20Jul09 Bardic Runes - print, F. Paid ½¢/word, POA. Michael McKenny, Editor, 424 Cambridge St. S., Ottawa, ON, Canada K1S 4HR; E-mail Bare Bone Magazine - #11 was the last. Kevin L. Donihe, Editor DoD: 05May09 Barley books - was short fiction & novella print publisher; h. Paid £0.15. Nicola Harlow, Editor, PO Box 103, Leeds LS1 69YD, UK. DoD: 10Dec01 Basement Stories -OIH- quarterly webzine; sf/f (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: 3¢/word. Carol J. Kirkman, Editor DoD: 21Nov11 BayCon Program Book - -OIH- annual print/eBook; sf/f (fic/flash); paid: 5¢/word (min $50). Deirdre Saoirse Moen, Editor DoD: 30Apr14 Beam Me Up - was weekly podcast; SpecFic/sf (fic). Paid: exposure. Paul Cole, Editor. DoD: 10Mar11 Behind the Wainscot - was irregular e-zine; all SpecFic genres (flash/poem/exp). Paid: exposure. Paul M. Jessup & Darin C. Bradley, Editors. DoD: 12Dec08 Behold - was biannual webzine; romantic/heroic/f/h/paranormal/historical. Paid nothing for 3k words. Kate Hill, Editor. E-mail DoD: 13Nov02 Bent Magazine - was bimonthly POD/eBook; any genre, m/m rom (fic/nonfic/art/comics). Paid: $5. Angie Carruthers/Christie Syphrit, Editors (no e-mail). DoD: 16Nov10

Beyond - David Riley, Editor, 130 Union Road, Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, BB5 3DR, UK Beyond - was annual webzine; sf/f/h/MagReal, Afrocentric (fic/poem); Paid: exposure. Nisi Shawl, Editor. DoD: 20Nov08 Beyond Centauri - was quarterly print; sf/f/ewww-gross; for readers 10 & older (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: $1-6 +copy. ?, Editor DoD: 01Feb15 Beyond the Rose - was tri-annual print; various sf/f. Paid: £1.50/1k words +copy. David P Dunning, Editor (defunct) DoD: 17Sep03 Big Ole Face Full of Monster - was quarterly print; h (fic/nonfic/reviews/art). Paid: <2½¢/word +copies. Mitchell Smith/Jenni Morrison-Smith, Editors. DoD: 23Nov09

BizarreBooks - was print/POD/eBook, novellas/collections/short novels; bizarre (fic). Paid: $50 +3 copies. Kyle Robertt, Editor DoD: 06Nov12 bizarreBooks - was e-publisher of collections; twisted underground (fic). Paid: negotiated royalties. Polycarp Kusch, Publisher. DoD: 29Jul05 Black & White Fiction Series - Ms. Delia Martin, editor, B&W Fiction Series, PO Box 463, Moorooka QLD 4105, Australia, tel: +61 (7) 3345 1721 Black Gate - was weekly online; annual e-zine; epic fantasy (fic/nonfic/art). Paid: <6¢/word. John O'Neill, Publisher/Editor DoD: 01Jan13 Black Maple - was bimonthly webzine; dark/mys. Paid: Can$30. Hesper Martins, Editor DoD: 4Jul02 Black October - was irregular print & e-zine; gothic &/or psych. h (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: 5¢/word. John DiDomenico, Editor. DoD: 22Sep06 Black Ink Horror - was annual print; h/dark (fic/poem/art). Paid: $20. Tom Moran, Editor DoD: 16May12 Black Rose - was biannual print; ghost/supernatural/df/h. Paid: £5-10/story +copy. David P. Dunning, Editor DoD: 5Apr03 Blazing! Adventures Magazine - was quarterly webzine; sf/f/adv/thrill pulp (fic/nonfic). Paid: $20. Robert S.P. Lee, Editor. DoD: 22Sep08 Bleeding Edge - was print, h. Paid: 3¢/word. Catia & Carnell, Publishers DoD: 5Mar01 Blinking Cursor Literary Magazine - was quarterly print/PDF; all genres (flash/poem). Paid: exposure. Samantha Rose, Editor DoD: 23Apr12 Blood, Blade, & Thruster - was quarterly webzine; sf/f/h; (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: exposure. Wendy Hisel, Submissions Editor. DoD: 27Jan10 Bloodfetish - was bimonthly webzine; erotica/h/f/sf. Paid: $50/story. David Trees, Editor DoD: 10Mar03 Bloodletters - was quarterly webzine; h/dark f/sf (fic), themed. Paid: $5/story. M. Jones, Editor. DoD: 08Nov05 Bloodlust-UK - was quarterly webzine; vampire fiction & erotica (fic). Paid: exposure. R.J. Barker, Fiction Editor DoD: 02Jan13 Blood Moon - was bi-annual webzine; h. Paid: exposure. Duana R. Anderson, Editrix DoD: 2Feb01 Blood Rose - -OIH- webzine; h/df/dark sf (fic/nonfic/poem). Paid: <3¢/word. Mark W. Worthen, Editor. OIH: 15Nov10 Bloodsample.net - was webzine; all genres, weird (fic/poem/art). Paid: £2/story. Tade Thompson, Editor DoD: 15Dec04 Blood Samples - was print; flash vampire fiction. Paid: copy. Kate Hill & Portland Elizebeth, Editors DoD: 13Nov02 Bloodsongs - was quarterly print; h. Paid: $10-20 +4 copies. E-mail Bloody Muse - was bimonthly webzine, h. Paid: exposure. Weston Ochse, Editor DoD: 2Nov00 Blue Dream Magazine - was semiannual POD format; h/bizarro/dark (fic/art). Paid: ¼¢s/word. Kevin Kitterson, Editor DoD: 25Jan12 Blue Erotica - was monthly webzine; most erotic genres. Paid: exposure. Merenda Blue, Editor DoD: 18Oct03 The Blue Lady - was biannual print; h/dark (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: ¼¢/word +copy. Donna Taylor Burgess, Editor. DoD: 09Nov09 Bonetree - was webzine; erotic h/f/sf. Paid: CA$25/story. Janice Statham, Editor DoD: 9Jul01 The Book of Dark Wisdom - -OIH- webzine; dark (fic/flash/nonfic/poem/art). Pays: 5¢/word. William Jones, Editor. OIH: 09Mar09 Borderlands - was biannual print; sf/f/h (fic/nonfic/art); AU writers. Paid: <$50. Editorial Committee. DoD: 03Sep09 Brady Magazine - bimonthly webzine; all genres, (fic/poem/nonfic). Paid: $200. Albert DiBartolomeo, Editor-in-Chief. DoD: 04Sep05 Dragonlaugh - was tri-annual webzine; s&s w/ humor. Paid: $2/story. Mark W. Johnson, Editor DoD: 6Jan02 The Dragonsblood Chalice - was webzine; all genres-fantasy focus (fic/poem/art). Paid: $2-$5. Rebekkah Patriarche & Amanda Bennett, Editors DoD: 18Nov02 Dragons, Knights, & Angels - was quarterly webzine; Christian f/sf (fic/poem). Paid: <$10. Rebecca Shelly, Founder. DoD: 03Sep07 Dragonspin - bimonthly webzine; sf/f/h/dark humor (fic/nonfic/poem). Paid: $25 reader's pick/exposure. Editor: ? (defunct) DoD: 17Sep03 The Dragon's Scroll - webzine; f/sf/roleplaying. Paid: 3¢/word. John B. Rigg, Editor DoD: 21Feb01 Dread: Tales of the Grotesque and Uncanny - was quarterly print; SpecFic/mainstrm. Paid: 1 copy. Bill Hughes, Editor Dream Forge, e-Mega-Weba-zine - was monthly webzine, all genre & humor. Paid: exposure. Rick Arnold, Managing Editor. DoD: 30Jun06 Dream Goblin Press - was print publisher of chapbooks/novellas; h/dark/bizarre (fic). Alan Peters, Editor. DoD: 11Jun06 Dreaming Blood - was bimonthly webzine; df. Paid: exposure. Mary K. Moon, Editor (defunct) DoD: 16Apr02 The Dream People -OIH- biannual webzine; bizarro (fic/flash/nonfic/art). Paid: $5. D. Harlan Wilson, Editor-in-Chief DoD: 31Mar14 Dreams & Demons - was print; all genres-fantasy focus (fic/poem/art). Paid: $2-$5 +copy. Rebekkah Patriarche & Amanda Bennett, Editors DoD: 18Nov02 Dreams & Visions - was semi-annual print; spiritual, all genres (fic). Paid: CA1¢/word. Steve Stanton, Editor. DoD: 21Feb09 Dreams of Decadence - was spot published print; vampire/df (fic/poem). Paid: 1-5¢/word. Angela Kessler, Editor DoD: 08Apr10 The Dream Zone - was tri-annual print; bizarre h. Paid: copy. Paul Bradshaw, Editor DoD: 19Dec02 Dred - was triannual (Feb/Jun/Oct) webzine; h/dark (fic/art/photo). Paid: $25. Bill Hughes, Editor. DoD: 18Aug08 Drops of Crimson - was bimonthly e-zine; dark, urban, & gothic f/steampunk/h (fic/art). Paid: exposure. J. Lee Moffatt, Editor. DoD: 06Apr10 Drollerie Press - was print/eBooks; cross genre, myth/magreal/fairytale/suprnat/rom (fic). Paid: 42% net. Deena Fisher, Publisher DoD: 07Nov11 D3 Press - was traditional print; sf/f. Paid: advance/royalty. Susan Price, Chief Visionary Officer (defunct) DoD: 15May02 Dybbuk Press - was POD; f/h/exp/lit (fic). Paid: <$500 adv/10%. Tim Lieder, Publisher DoD: 06Aug11 Dueling Minds - was monthly webzine; h. Paid: exposure. Brian Freeman, Publisher/Kristian Turner, Editor DoD: 11Mar02 Dusk - was webzine; all genres (fic/nonfic). Paid: exposure. Rick Cadger, Editor. DoD: 24Aug07 E [TOP] Earwig Flesh Factory - was quarterly print; dark surreal/bizarre h. Paid: $3 +copy. Carlton Mellick III, Publisher DoD: 11Apr02 An Eclipsing - (see "Conflicting Spectrums" listing this page.) The Edge - was tri-annual print; various genres. Paid copy. Greg F. Gifune, Editor. DoD: 13Sep04 The Edge of Propinquity - was monthly webzine; modern SpecFic/h (fic). Paid: $50. Jennifer Brozek, Editor DoD: 18Jan12 Eggplant Literary Productions (& Jintsu E-Texts) - was e-publisher; most genres (fic/nonfic/poem). Paid $10 (& 50% royalty). Raechel Henderson, Publisher. DoD: 26Dec05 Eggplant Literary Productions (rivival) - was e-books; sf/f/h (fic). Paid: $250 advance +25% of gross. Raechel Henderson, Publisher/Editor DoD: 05Aug14 Egore Press - e-publisher, novelettes/novellas/collections; h/df. Paid: Can$50. Janice Statham, Editor DoD: 19Feb02 Eidolon - was quarterly print; sf/f/h (fic/art). Paid: AU$20 +copy. Jeremy G Byrne, Editor DoD: 26Jan03 Eight Clouds - was quarterly webzine; all genres (fic/flash/nonfic/poem/photo/art/comics/etc.). Paid: exposure. Jude Coulter-Pultz, Editor. DoD: 06Jan11 Einstein's Pocket Watch - was quarterly webzine; sf/rom/f/Christian/inspirational (fic/flash/poem). Paid: $10/issue. Robert Scott Crandall, Editor DoD: 18Oct11 Elastic Press - was high quailty TP collections; all genres (fic). Paid: <50%. Andrew Hook, Editor. DoD: 31Dec08 Electric Acorn - was quarterly literary webzine; all genres (fic/poem). Paid: exposure. Nessa O'Mahony, Editor. DoD: 15Feb07 An Electric Tragedy - was monthly webzine; all speculative genres (fic/flash/poem). Paid: <$3. Nathan Einhorn, Janis Clef, Jack White, & Robin Greenly, Editors DoD: 09Jan12

Electric Velocipede - was semiannual webzine; sf/SpecLit (fic/poem). Paid: 1¢/word. John Klima, Editor DoD: 18Nov13 Electric wine - was 6x/year webzine, sf/f/h. Paid: 1¢/word. Diana L. Sharples & James E.M. Rasmussen, Editors DoD: 7Oct01 Electronic Tales - was e-mail serial publisher; most genres (fic/art). Paid: $10-20 adv/20-35% royalty. Joel Jenkins, Editor. DoD: 01Nov07 ElseWhen - was quarterly print; f/sf/h (fic/nonfic/art). Paid: $5 +copy. Michael McClung, Editor. DoD: 08Nov05 Elysian Fiction - was quarterly webzine; f (fic/nonfic). Paid 1¢/word. Jim Bailey, Editor. DoD: +10Mar03 Emerald Tales - was bimonthly PDF/print; all genres (fic/poem), themes (see GLs). Paid: <$40. Diana Lyles, Editor DoD: 07Nov11 EMG-Zine - was monthly eZine/annual print, themed; sf/f (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: <$20 store credit. Jennifer Broschinsky, Editor DoD: 29Oct12 Emperor's New Clothes Press - -OIH- print publisher; most genres (fic). Paid: 50-60% royalties. Olga Gardner Galvin, Publisher DoD: 02Jan14 The Emporium Gazette - was monthly webzine; all genres (fic/nonfic/poem). Paid: $5. Denise Vitola, Editor-in-Chief. DoD: 20Aug07 Enchanted Ramblings - was quarterly e-zine; all genres with some romance (fic). Paid: exposure. Aline de Chevigny, Editor. DoD: 20Nov08 Enigmatic Tales & Novellas - was periodical & anthology publisher; supernat/h. Paid: copy. E-mail DoD: 27Jul00 EOTU Ezine: Zine of Fiction, Art & Culture - was quarterly webzine; all types (fic/poem/art). Paid 1¢/word. Larry Dennis, Editor. DoD: 16May05 Epiphany - was webzine; most genres (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: exposure. Kristina Kennedy, Managing Editor DoD: ePress-Online.com - was print/e-book; sf/f/mys/general (fic/nonfic). Paid: 30-40% gross royalty. Margaret I. Carr, Editor-in-Chief DoD: 15Aug11 EroticSF.com - was download-for-fee e-zine; erotic SpecFic (fic). Paid: 25% royalty. Lady Mary, Editor DoD: 19Dec02 Errata, Rebirth - was monthly webzine, sf/f/df/h/hardcore h. Paid: esposure. Rain Graves, Fiction Editor DoD: 22Feb01 E-Scape - was webzine; sf/f/h/blends. Paid: 1¢/word Allison Stein, Editor Escape Collective Publishing - was digital, e-reader only; most genres & YA (fic). Paid: 50% net. Alexandra J. Ash, Patrick Mapp, & Thaddeus Rice, Editors DoD: 30Aug12 Escape Velocity - was 6-X-year print; hard sf (fic/nonfic). Paid: <$20. Robert M. Blevins & Geoff Nelder, Editors. DoD: 10Aug10 Escaping Elsewhere - was quarterly print; sf/h/f (fic/flash/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: 2 copies. Nicole Gray, Editor. DoD: 18Sep07 Eschatology - was weekly webzine; all weird genres (flash). Paid: 1¢/word. Bruce L. Priddy, Editor DoD: 07Jan13 Eternal Twilight - was quarterly print, H, SUS. Paid 2-3¢/word for up to 5k words (not firm). Alfred W. Abrao, Editor. E-mail; DoD: 21Feb02 Eternity - was tri-annual webzine; SpecFic. Paid: $5-$20. Editor vanished; contractual obligations unfulfilled. Steve Algieri, Senior Editor DoD: 19Jul00 Ethereal Tales - was quarterly print; f/h/gothic (fic/poem/art). Paid: 1 copy. Teresa Ford, Editor DoD: 07May11 Everyday Weirdness - was daily e-zine; weird fiction (flash/poem/art/comics/audio/video). Paid: $5.42. Nathan E. Lilly, Editor. DoD: 07Mar11 Evil Tales - proposed webzine, never published; h (fic). Was to Paid: ½¢/word ($25 max.). E-mail DoD: 15Apr04 Eye on the Web - webzine, general humor. Pamela, Editorial Assistant Exalt Press - was print/e-book/audio; h/df (fic/nonfic). Paid: <50%. Dan Murray, Editor & Taylor Dye, Publisher DoD: 27Jun13 Excursions - was print magazine, sf. Paid $3.00. Tim Corrigan, Editor/Publisher, New Voice Media, P.O. Box 25, Houghton, NY 14744. Exodus - (see "Conflicting Spectrums" listing this page.) Explosive Runes - was quarterly PDF; h/sf/f (fic/roleplay games/art). Paid: exposure. Various editors. DoD: 05Jan10 Expressions - was monthly webzine (flash/poem/nonfic/art); most genres. Paid: exposure. Cathy Buburuz, Editor. DoD: 18Feb10 Exquisite Death - was bimonthly e-zine; df/h (fic/poem/art). Paid: exposure. Sarah Kelderman, Editor. DoD: 05Feb07 F [TOP] Fables - was quarterly webzine; all SpecFic. Paid $5-10. Megan Powell, Editor/Publisher DoD: 23Sep01 Fables & Reflections - was biannual print; sf/f/MagReal. Australian writers. Paid: AU$10 +copy. Lily Chrywenstrom, Editor. DoD: 20Jan07 FaePublishing - was monthly webzine; sf/f & all subgenres (fic). Paid: 5¢/word. Theresa M. Miles, Editor DoD: 05Dec11 FaePublishing - was eBook publisher; sf/f & all subgenres (fic). Paid: revenue sharing. Theresa M. Miles, Editor DoD: 05Dec11 Fagan - was quarterly webzine; romance, MYS, dark, S&S, high magick, etc. Paid 2 copies. Tracy Martin, Editor DoD: 1Aug00 Fangoria Frightful Fiction - was monthly section of fan webzine; h (fic). Paid: <$125/story. Thomas Deja, Editor DoD: 02Feb04 Faniac - proposed quarterly webzine/PDF/POD; f/sf/h (fic/flash/nonfic). Paid: $5/$10. Lauren Johnson, Editor DoD: 12Jan05 Fantasque! - was quarterly print, h/f/sf/Slipstream. Paid: copies. John Davies & Pam Chillemi-Yeager, Editors; DoD: 8Sep00 Fantastic ePress - was e-book novels/novellas/collections; f/soft sf (fic). Paid: 55% net royalty. Cody Lewis, Editor DoD: 27Jun13 Fantastic Frontiers - was bimonthly e-zine/webzine/audio; sf/f (fic/nonfic/art/etc). Paid: 3¢/word. Amber Knutson, Editor DoD: 04Mar13 Fantastic Horror - was bimonthly eZine; sf/f/h (fic/nonfic/poem/art/comics/etc.). Paid: exposure. JJ Burke, Design Director DoD: 19Jul11 Fantastic Horror - -OIH- at least quarterly eBook; h (fic/poem/art). Paid: 10% of 1-year profit. Chris Stevens, Editor DoD: 13May14 Fantastic Metropolis - was webzine; literary speculative fiction. Paid: exposure. Luís Rodrigues, Editor-in-Chief. DoD: 15Nov05 Fantastic Stories of the Imagination - was print; sf/f (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: 1-5¢/word. Ed McFadden, Editor. DoD: 22Jan04 Fantastic Unfettered - was quarterly print/e-zine; most genres (fic/flash/poem). Paid: <1¢/word. Brandon H. Bell & Christopher Fletcher, Editors DoD: 28Feb13 Fantasy Folklore & Fairytales - monthly theme webzine/PDF; various F, folklore & fairytales. Paid $5-15/story. Kathleen A. Hill, Editor (defunct) DoD: 4May02 Fantasy World Geographic - was quarterly print/PDF; sf/f/h. Paid: $50 or copies. Melinda & James Skaggs, Editors. DoD: 02Aug05 Fantasy World Geographic (2) - was irregular webzine; Christian sf/f/h (fic/nonfic/poem/art/comics/audio/video/games). Paid: <$5. James Bryan Skaggs, Editor DoD: 09Nov12 Far Sector SFFH - was monthly webzine; specfic or dark sf/f/h (fic). Paid: $10 adv. on 25% royalty. John Cullen, Editor. DoD: 19Dec06 Farthing - was quarterly print; sf/f/h/humour (fic/flash/drabble). Paid: 5¢/word. Wendy Bradley, Editor. DoD: 03Jan08 Fax 21 - was irregularly published webzine; journalistic sf/f (fic/art). Paid: exposure. Christopher Geary, Editor. DoD: 05Jan07 Feast of Abraxas - was monthly webzine; h/dark (poem). Paid: $5. Patrick Dunford, Editor. DoD: 15Nov06 Fender Stitch - was monthly webzine; all genres (fic/art/music). Paid: 5¢/word. T. Elliot Turner, Creative Director & A. Leonard Lucas, Fiction Editor DoD: 20Mar12 Feral Fiction - was webzine; edgy h/f/sf/cross-over (fic/poem). Paid: 5¢/word. Lawrence Santoro & Martin Mundt, Editors. DoD: 05Sep05 Fiction Funhouse - was weekly webzine; most genres, no sf. Paid: 5-13 bookmarks. Words: 33-33k. Peter Vaeth & Steve Bucaro, Editors (defunct) DoD: 04Sep03 Fiction Inferno - was quarterly webzine (site still up w/ archives); all literary SpecFic (fic). Paid $25. Max E. Keele, Publisher DoD: 28Oct03 The Fiction Writer - was monthly webzine; all genres w/humor. Joyce Siedler, Submissions Editor (not working) DoD: 3Mar01 Fiendish Intent - was monthly e-zine; most genres, humor OK (fic). Paid: 10% royalty +copy. Morandilas, Editor DoD: 21Nov04 5th Story Review - was print/webzine; sf/f (fic/poem). Paid: $0-ken payment. Rebecca Adams/Bob Frasier, Editors. DoD: 10Nov06 Fighting Chance - was quarterly print; f/df/h/sf/adv (fic). Paid: exposure. Milton Kerr, Publisher, PO Box 60336, Worchester MA 01606. DoD: 28Aug07 Fine Food & Travel - was webzine; adv/humor/sports. Pay varied. Editor. DoD: 11Aug08 The Firefly: A Journal of Magical Experiences - never published print; f/df/sf/folklore/myth/wicca. Was to pay 1¢/word. Bobbi Sinha-Morey, Editor Firefox News - was monthly webzine; all genres (fic/nonfic). Paid: <$25. Leva Cygnet & Melissa Wilson, Editors DoD: 08Mar11 FirePower! Magazine - was bimonthly webzine; military sf (fic/art). Paid: exposure. Greg Ellis, Editor. DoD: 04Jan11 Fictitious Force - -OIH- semiannual print; sf/slipstrm/hard sf/f (fic/flash). Paid: ¢/word. Jonathan Laden, Editor. OIH: 08Jun09 Flagship - -OIH- bimonthly e-zine/audio/PDF; sf/f (fic/poem). Paid: <$25. Philip Carroll, JP Losier, Jeffrey Hite, Scott Roche, & Zachary Ricks, Editors DoD: 08May13 Flash Fantastic - was monthly webzine; most fantastic genres (Flash fic). Paid: exposure. Nolan B. Canova, Publisher. DoD: 06Oct05 Flashing Swords Magazine - was quarterly POD; most f (fic/flash/nonfic/poem/). Paid: <$60. C.A. Keller, Editor. DoD: 21Nov09 Flash Me Magazine - was quarterly webzine; all genres (flash). Paid: <$50. Jennifer Dawson, Editor-in-Chief. DoD: 01Aug10 Flashquake - was quarterly POD/webzine; most genres (flash/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: PDF copies/exposure. Cindy Bell, Editor/Publisher DoD: 27Jun12 Flashshot - was daily e-newsletter; sf/f/h/mys/humor. Paid: exposure. G.W. Thomas, Editor DoD: 22Feb12 Flesh & Blood - was quarterly print; strange/offbeat (fic). Paid: 2-5¢/word. Jack Fisher, Managing Editor/Publisher. DoD: 16Jul06 Flicker - was bi-annual print; h. Paid: ¼¢/word +copy. Chris Bevard, Editor DoD: 8Dec00 A Fly in Amber - was bimonthly webzine; all genres (fic/flash/art). Paid: $10-$20. David Jackson & Shelly Jackson, Editors. DoD: 01Mar11 Flytrap - was semiannual print; most genres; no hard sf/S&S/west/mys (fic/nonfic). Paid: $10. Tim Pratt & Heather Shaw, Editors. DoD: 02Dec08 Fogfire.com - was webzine; sf/h/f/humor. Paid: <1¢/word ($40 max). Ken Hoffman, Editor DoD: 11Mar00 Fools Motley - was 3 x year (Mar/Jul/Nov) webzine; humorous sf/f (fic/art). Paid: exposure. Daniel Devine, Editor. DoD: 01Nov05 Forbidden Fruit - was triannual webzine; any genre, erotic, gay character(s) (fic/poem/art). Paid: exposure. Fiona Glass, Editor. DoD: 30Apr09 Forgotten Worlds - was quarterly print; spec/h/f/noir/macabre (fic/art). Paid: £0.005/word. John Cooper/Graeme Penman, Editors. DoD: 04Feb08 4nada - was ongoing webzine; most genres (fic/nonfic/poem). Paid: exposure/tips. Susan Tingle, Editor. DoD: 17Apr09 Fortean Bureau - was quarterly webzine; weird/supernat. investigations/sf/slipstrm - no h. (fic). Paid: 3¢/word ($60 max.). Jeremy & Sarah Tolbert, Editors. DoD: 21Mar06 Fortitude Press - was TP publisher of lesbian-oriented genres (fic). Paid: royalties. Cindy Cresap, Managing Editor DoD: 20Jan05 Foxfire - bi-monthly web/print; all SpecFic. Paid ¼¢/word +2 copies. Megan Powell, Editor DoD: 23Sep01 The Fractal - was semesterly sf/f/df/h. Paid $25. Jessica Darago, Editor (defunct) The Fractured Publisher - was quarterly e-zine; humor, all genres (fic/nonfic/art). Paid: exposure. Tina Morgan, Editor-in-Chief. DoD: 26Nov10 Fragment - was quarterly PDF & webzine; literary speculative/mainstream (comics/nonfic/art). Paid: exposure. Neil Ayres, Editor. DoD: 04Sep05 Frantic Online - was monthly webzine; h. Paid $5-$15. C.F. Porter, Editor DoD: 4Nov01 Freak Tension Chronicles - was biannual print; h (fic). Paid: exposure & copies. MP Johnson, Editor. DoD: 18Mar05 Freedom Fiction Journal - was quarterly free PDF; SpecFic/pulp, no fanfic/slasher (fic/art). Paid: exposure. Ujjwal Dey, Editor DoD: 25Jan13 Free to Read - was monthly online; erotic, any genre (fic/nonfic/poem). Paid: $0-10. Captivatex (Jim Brown), Editor. DoD: 06Nov09 Free Worlds - Dan Hoyt, SF editor, Free Worlds Press, PO Box 1803, Colorado Springs CO 80901 Freezer Burn Frequency - was irregular audio antho; sf/f/mys/humor. Paid 3¢/word. Jeremy Bloom, Editor DoD: 25Mar04 Freud & Kinsey Magazine - proposed quarterly PDF/e-zine; all genres (fic/nonfic/poem/art/audio). Was to Paid: ¼¢/word. Mariel Zuchniak, Editor. DoD: 28Jan11 Fried Fiction - was bimonthly (about) webzine, serials only; all genres (fic). Pay: $25/episode. David Peters, Editor DoD: 10Nov14 Frighteners - was monthly h. Paid: ?. ?,Editor. DoD: Sep91 Frightnet Online Magazine - was bimonthly webzine; h. Paid: exposure. Ivan S. Graves, Editor Frightwrighter - was monthly webzine; h. Paid: $10/story. Editor unknown DoD: 10Jul01 From the Asylum Books & Press - was yearly print/monthly webzine; all SpecFic. Paid: $10-25 +copy. Katherine Sanger, Editor. DoD: 02Apr09 Front Range - -OIH- annual print; all genres (fic/nonfic/poem/art/photo). Paid: 2 copies. Dr. Frederick Bridger, Editor DoD: 25Nov13 Frothing at the Mouth - was semiannual print; sf/f/h (fic). PaID: $5 +2 copies.Ellen M. Rhudy, Editor. DoD: 28Feb05 Full Moon Publications - (Jack the Ripper Gazette/Baker Street Publications/Pen & Ink Press/Realm of the Vampire) print/webzines; sf/f/h/mys. Paid: 4theLuv. Editors DoD: 10May02

Full Unit Hookup - -OIH- biannual print; most genres (fic/nonfic/poem). Paid $5-10. Mark Rudolph, Editor. OIH: 07Feb07 Fury - was monthly SF/ML/H/Lit/Eros/etc. Paid 1-2½¢/word for FNASR, to 2k words. RT: 2 months. Alex Duffy, Editor, Suite 740, 15445 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks CA 91403 Fusing Horizons - was quarterly print; most genres (fic). Paid: £2.65 or copy. Gary Fry, Editor. DoD: 03Sep07 Fusion Fragment - was quarterly webzine; sf (fic). Paid: $20. Cavan Terrill, Editor DoD: 07May13 The Future of History - John F. Carr, editor, J.E. Pournelle & Associates, 12190½ Ventura Blvd, Box 372, Studio City CA 91604 Future Orbits: Short Science Fiction for the Digital World - was bimonthly e-Book magazine; sf. Paid 6-10¢/word. Tom Vander Neut, Editor/Publisher DoD: Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine - was bimonthly PDF; mys. Paid: $5. Virginia Lo Monoco, Managing Editor. DoD: 27Oct09 G [TOP] The Galactic Citizen - -OIH- quarterly SF & F. William J. Keaton, Editor.; E-mail The Gallery of Snuff - was webzine; hardcore h/splatter punk (fic). Paid: exposure. Doctor Macabre, Editor. DoD: 24Apr08 The Gallows - was indexed webzine; h/df. Paid: exposure. R.A. Cox, Editor. DoD: 17Feb05 Gang-Related - quarterly webzine; crime/horror. Paid: exposure. Jason Duke, Editor DoD: 10Jan03 Gaslight: Tales of the Unsane - was webzine; H, Dark SF or F, MYS, SUS. Paid nothing for up to 10 pages. E-mail; DoD: 5Mar01 GateWay S-F Magazine - was quarterly webzine; hard sf/f, Christian. Paid: exposure. John A.M. Darnell, Editor-in-Chief. DoD: 15Aug06 Gauntlet!: The Magazine of Heroic Tales - was quarterly print; Heroic SF/F, S&S. Paid $20 + copy. George Smith, Editor/Publisher (defunct) DoD: 4Feb02 GayHorror.com - was quarterly to biannual webzine; h, w/ gay aesthetic (fic/nonfic/art). Paid: exposure. Eric Matthews, Editor. DoD: 11Aug05 GC Magazine - was monthly print & webzine; all genres (fic/nonfic). Paid: 1¢/word +copies. Jon Keeyes, Editor. DoD: 23Aug07 Genre Sampler Magazine - was quarterly print; SF/F & others. Paid $10-20 for 2½-4k words (short-shorts OK). Su Wright, Editor. E-mail; DoD: 5Mar01 GenreEzone - was quarterly webzine; all genres. Paid: ¼¢/word ($25 max.). Glenda Woodrum, Editor DoD: 5Mar01 GettingIt - was monthly webzine; all erotic genres. Paid 25¢/word for 0.3-1k words. Cara Bruce, Editor DoD: 15Aug00 Ghostlight Magazine - was triannual print/e-zine; h/df/sf w/ h slant (fic/poem/art). Paid: <$10 +copy. MontiLee Stormer, Editor DoD: 21Feb12 The Gloaming - was quarterly webzine; sf/f/h (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: 5¢/word. Paul Puglisi, Editor. DoD: 08Jul08 Horror on the Installment Plan - was weekly (4 stories) e-zine; h (fic/cover art), themes (see GLs). Paid: 5¢/word. Jim Musgrave, Editor DoD: 13Oct12 Horror Quarterly - was quarterly webzine; h (fic/nonfic). Paid: exposure. Mike Philbin, Editor. DoD: 31Jan05 Hot Java Productions, Inc. - was print publisher; most genres (fic). Paid $5k adv. & 50¢/per copy royalty. Nancy Radke, Executive Editor DoD: 7Dec03 Hourglass Fiction - was bimonthly print; all genres. Paid $5/story for up to 3½k words (not firm). Josh Bingham, Editor. E-mail; DoD: 30Mar01 House of Horror - was quarterly print; h (fic/flash/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: <$10 . Sam Cox, Editor-in-Chief DoD: 29Jul11 House of Horror Fiction - webzine. H. Andy Fairclough, Editor Hub - was weekly free PDF; sf/f/h (fic/nonfic). Paid: £25. Lee Harris, Editor-in-Chief DoD: 06Jul13 Hungur Magazine - was biannual print; vampire sf/f (fic/flash/poem/art). Pay: <$12. ?, Editor DoD: 01Feb15 Hypersonic Tales - was monthly webzine/audio; all genres (flash). Paid: $5. Pamela Perkins. DoD: 05Mar10 I [TOP] Icarus - closing Spring 2014 (closed to subs now), quarterly print/POD/PDF; f/sf/h (fic/nonfic/art/comics). Paid: $50 +copy. Steve Berman, Editor DoD: 14Jun13 Icarus Ascending - was irreg. literary print; all genres (fic/poem). Paid <1¢/word. Deborah Shepard, Editor. DoD: 10Mar03 Idyllic Books - was novels; f/sf/scifan/h/crossover (fic/nonfic). Paid: negotiated royalty. Michelle R. Richardson, Editor DoD: 02Jan14 Illusion Presents: Transmitter - was webzine (fic/flash). Paid: 5¢/word. Miriam Dick, Editor. DoD: 20May08 Imagikon - was monthly webzine; mainstrm/SpecFic (fic/nonfic/poem). Paid: exposure. Mircea Pricajan, Editor-in-Chief. DoD: 28Aug07 Imagination's Edge Imelod - was annual print; Lovecraft. Paid: 1 copy. H.C. Fischer & Melanie E. Fischer, Editors/Publishers DoD: 11Mar02 Immortal Wine - was print; paid 1¢/word. Jule Ghoul, Editor. DoD:10Feb00 Implosion, A Journal of The Bizarre and Eccentric - was 5 times/year print. Paid: $20-$35 & copies. Cynthia Conlin, Editor Inclinations - -OIH- ongoing webzine; all horror (fic/nonfic). Paid: $5-$10. Serenity J. Banks, Editor. OIH: 05Jan10 Independent Artists Company - was daily webzine; f/h/sf/humor (fic/nonfic). Paid: stock shares/ads. Shauna Skye, Editor. DoD: 28Aug07 Indigenous Fiction - was tri-yearly literary print; f/df/sf/h/mys/mainstrm. Paid $5-$20. Sherry Decker, Managing Editor DoD: 28May01 Indy Men's Magazine - was monthly print; most genres, humor OK (fic). Paid: pro. Lou Harry, Editor-in-Chief. DoD: 14May07 In Fabula-Divinos - was monthly webzine/annual antho; sf/f/h (fic), 1 story/issue. Paid: AU$100. Nicole Murphy, Editor DoD: 06Nov12 Infernal - was biannual e-zine, h. Paid $10-20. Terry (Horns) Erwin, Chief Editor DoD: 7Jan03 Infinite Edge - was pro webzine; s&s/f/h. Paid 5¢/word. Mike Totty, Editor Infinity Plus - was web collective showcase; sf (fic/nonfic). Paid: exposure. Keith Brooke, Editor/Publisher. DoD: 25Sep07 Iniquity - monthly webzine; h. Paid: exposure. Iniquity Nine, Editor (defunct) DoD: 18Jul02 InkCollective - was quarterly POD/PDF; all genres (fic/nonfic/poem/art/comics). Paid: 1 print copy. Matthew Reidsma, Editor. DoD: 16Jan07 Innsmouth Magazine - was triannual e-zine; h/df/f/sf (fic/nonfic). Paid: 1CA¢/word. Paula R.Stiles, Editor DoD: 24Mar14 Inscriptions - was biannual print; poetry, all genres. Paid: $5/poem. Elizabeth Guidry, Editor; DoD: 1Feb02 Insidious Reflections - was quarterly print; dark, any genre (fic). Paid: 5¢/word ($25 max.). Paul Danda, Senior Editor. DoD: 19Oct06 The Institute for the Forsaken - -OIH- proposed quarterly webzine; h (fic/art). Was to Paid: 2¢/word. Nicole Jackman, Editor DoD: 27Feb12 Intermix - webzine SF/F. Michael Hicks, Publisher, 72 Edgemont Road, Milford CT 06460, tel/fax: (203) 874-0312; E-mail International Wildlife - was bimonthly print, Non-fiction /Humor. Paid $450. Jonathan Fisher, Editor. DoD: 26Jun06 Into the Black - was monthly webzine; any genre if dark (fic/nonfic). Paid: exposure. S.R. Banks, Editor. DoD: 14Nov05 Into the Darkness - John F. Carr, editor, J.E. Pournelle & Associates, 12190½ Ventura Blvd, Box 372, Studio City CA 91604 Intrigue - was quarterly webzine; most genres (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: exposure. Julie Matricciani, Editor. DoD: 07Mar06 Invisible Cities Press - never published. Michael Grimaldi, Editor Irregular Quarterly - was quarterly print; all genres (fic). Paid: CA$5 +copies. Jamie Rosen, Editor DoD: 04Jan05 Interstellar Fiction - was monthly webzine/e-zine; sf (fic/nonfic). Paid: <2¢/word. Adam Crouse, Kellye Parrish, Chris Lemon, & Mick Theebs, Editors DoD: 09Dec13 J [TOP] JenLynn Sweet - was adult webzine; erotica, all genres (fic/nonfic). Paid: exposure. JenLynn Sweet, Editor. DoD: 26Sep07 Journal of Women's League of Ale Drinkers - was biannual PDF; all genres (fic/nonfic/poem/art/comics/music/video). Paid: exposure. Victoria Squid, Editor DoD: 22Sep11 Journey Books - was print publisher; "Golden Age" sf/f (fic). Paid: negotiates. Edward Knight, Editor. DoD: 29Jul08 Jovian Pleasures - was story eBooks; erotic sf/f (fic). Paid: 30% royalties. Mary K. Wilson, Editor. DoD: 03Oct06 Jupiter World Press - was story e-books; sf/f +all sub-genres (fic). Paid: royalty. Mary K. Wilson, Editor. DoD: 03Oct06 Just Weird Enough - not published quarterly print for 9-14 year-olds; sf/f/althist. Was to Paid: 3¢/word. Luc Reid, Editor DoD: 19Jul03 K [TOP] Kalicorps - never published webzine; all genres (fic/nonfic/poem/art/video/ audio/visuals). Was to Paid: <$25. Heidi Lampietti, Publisher DoD: 07Jun11 Kasma Publishing - was eBook; all genres, no erotica (fic/nonfic). Paid: 75% net; no adv. Alex Korovessis, Editor. DoD: 06Jan10 Keen Science Fiction - Teresa Keene, editor, P.O. Box 9067, Spokane, WA 99209-0067 Kenoma E-zine - was quarterly e-zine; sf/f/h (fic/art/music). Paid: $10/story. H.F. Gibbard, Editor. DoD: 27Mar06 Kentuky Mountain Girl News - was daily webzine; all genres (fic/nonfic/poem). Paid: exposure. Henrietta Asher Handy, Editor. DoD: 09May08 Khimairal Ink - -OIH- quarterly webzine/PDF; limited genres (fic). Paid: $5. Carrie Tierney, Editor DoD: 27Jun13 Kid's Highway - proposed 5x/year print; most genres. Was to Paid: $2-$5. Hector Cole Garza, Fiction Editor DoD: Kids'Magination - was monthly e-zine; f, for kids (fic/flash/micro/art). Paid: <$5;. Kellee Kranendonk, Fiction Editor DoD: 09Nov12 Killer-Works - was monthly webzine/annual antho; h (flash). PaID: $5 +copy. Jude W. Mire, Editor. DoD: 25Apr11 Kimota - was bi-annual print; sf//f/h/mixes. Paid: £2/1k words +copy. Graeme Hurry, Editor DoD: 1Jul02 Kinships Magazine - was occassional POD zine; sf/f, metaphysical. Paid: $6. Spearcarrier, Editor. DoD: 03May07 Kiss the Dark - was monthly webzine; all specfic (fic/poem). Paid: exposure. Michelle Miller, Editor (defunct) DoD: 12Dec03 Kopfhalter Magazine - was quarterly print/webzine; h (fic/poem). Paid: $10 +copy. Keith Gouveia/Sean Simmans, Editors. DoD: 15Nov05 The Kovacs Files - was quarterly webzine; new urban legends. Paid $5-$10. DoD: 17Jan02 L [TOP] Labyrinth Inhabitant Magazine - was quarterly webzine; sf/f/h, labyrinths/art. environments (fic/nonfic/poem). Paid: <$40. Matt Carey, Editor. DoD: 26Jan11 Lachesis Publishing - was print/POD/e-Books, novel/novella; most genres (fic). Paid: <20%. LeeAnn Lessard, Publisher DoD: 15Jul13 Lacuna - was biannual e-zine; historical/SpecHist (fic/nonfic/poem). Pay: $5. Megan Arkenberg, Editor DoD: 06Jul14 La Lune Bleue Planete - was continuous webzine; any genre (flash/nonfic/poem/art/comics). Paid: exposure. nan purnell, Editor. DoD: 03Feb09 Laser & Sword - -OIH- quarterly POD/PDF; f/sf/dystopia/action/adv; fun Christian (serial fic/art). Paid: $10/story. Adam Graham, Editor-in-Chief OIH: 30Apr11 Leafing Through - was monthly e-zine; sf/h/f (fic). Paid: £10. Katharine York, Editor. DoD: 17May05 Legend - was quarterly print; Arthurian/rom F/alt hist/alt worlds/myth/magic. Paid: copy. Trevor Denyer, Editor DoD: 5Jan04 Leng! The Cthulhu Mythos Megazine - was to be quarterly print; Lovecraft's Mythos. Was to pay 3¢/word. Sam Gafford, Editor. E-mail. DoD: 17Oct03 Leng! - was to be quarterly print (not published); h, Cthulhu Mythos (fic/art). Was to Paid: 1¢/word. Sam Gafford, Editor. DoD: 12Sep07 Lenox Avenue - was bimonthly e-zine; most genres (fic). Paid: 5¢/word (<$100). Adrienne Allmann/M. Thomas, EditorS. DoD: 23Oct05 Les Bonnes Fees - -OIH- monthly webzine/e-zine/PDF; fairy tale/folklore/MagReal (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: <3¢/word. Peta Jinnath Andersen, Editor. OIH: 26Apr11 Let Freedom Ring - John F. Carr, editor, J.E. Pournelle & Associates, 12190½ Ventura Blvd, Box 372, Studio City CA 91604 Lethe Dreams - was quarterly webzine; sf/f (fic/flash/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: bio & link. Fred Coppersmith, Editor. DoD: 18Apr06 Leucrota Press - was print/POD/eBook; sf/f/h/exp (fic/graphic). Paid: 10-20% net. Danielle Kaheaku, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief. DoD: 23Mar11 Liars' Bench - was triannual print; any genre (fic/nonfic), theme: lying & storytelling. Paid: $10. Zack DePew/Dan Peretti, Editors. DoD: 27Feb06 Life for Change - was monthly online; sf/humor (fic/nonfic). Paid: $100 to top story. Dave Jarvis, Editor. DoD: 15Jan07 Lightning Flash Magazine - was bimonthly webzine; sf/f/h (fic). Paid: $25 to issue's best. Dan Osbourne, Editor DoD: 11Jan12 The Lightning Journal - was monthly e-zine; h/df (fic). Paid: exposure. Lincoln Crisler & AJ Brown, Editors. DoD: 11Apr08 Lilley Press - was print/eBook; most genres/YA (fic). Paid: 15%/50%. Denyse Loeb, Acquisitions Editor. DoD: 23Nov09 Lillebridge Press - was POD/e-book, chapbooks/collections/novels; SpecFic only (fic). Pay: 30% net, no adv. Ronald E. Blakeslee, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief DoD: 25Aug14 Lily Literary Review - was monthly e-zine; all genres (fic/poem/art). Paid: exposure. Susan Culver, Editor. DoD: 25Feb08 Linger Fiction - was bimonthly webzine; sf/f/h (flash). Paid: $20. Sylvia Hiven, Editor DoD: 09Sep11 Liquid Ohio - was quarterly print (since 1995); all genres/mainstream (fic/poem/art/comics). Paid: 3 copies. Amber Goddard, Editor. DoD: 31Aug06 Lissettes Tales of the Imagination - was biannual print; sf/f/h (fic/poem). Paid: <$12. Kristin Roahrig, Editor DoD: 20Dec13 LiteralMinded - was monthly webzine; all genres (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: exposure. Dan Fearnley, Editor. DoD: 14Apr09 Literary Bitch - was quarterly PDF; speculative (flash/poem/nonfic/art). Paid: exposure. Allan Adair, Editor. DoD: 23Nov09 The Literary Bone - -OIH- semi-annual POD/webzine. Paid: copy/exp. Lawrence R. Dagstine & Christine Sta. Maria, Editors. OIH: 29Jul07 Little Death of Crossed Genres - was quarterly e-zine; erotik sf/f (fic/art). Paid: $10. Jaym Gates & Chris Fletcher, Editors DoD: 19Jul11 Little Green Men Loki's Journal - was (1 issue) e-zine; adult fairy tale/df/insolative/MagReal (fic). Paid: $5. James Boone Dryden, Editor. DoD: 22Mar11 Lone Star Stories - was bimonthly webzine; SpecFic (fic/flash/poem). Paid: <$20. Eric T. Marin, Editor. DoD: 12Jun09 Lone Wolf Publications - publisher of fine e-anthos. Brian A. Hopkins, Publisher DoD: 10Dec04 Lore - Michael Beck, editor, 1917 W. 4th Ave #22, Vancouver, B.C. Canada, VJ6 1M7. Lore - was biannual print; classic sf/f/h (fic). Paid: 5¢/word +copy. Rod Heather & Sean O'Leary, Publishers/Editors DoD: 13Oct14 Lore: The Digest of Maddening Fiction - was bi-annual print; df/f/h. Paid: 2¢/word +copy. Rod Heather, Managing Editor DoD: 6Jul00 Lost in the Dark - was quarterly webzine; h/df (fic/nonfic/poem). Paid: up to $10. Athena Workman, Editor. DoD: 17Jun05 Lost Pages - was random webzine; sf/f/crossgenre (fic). Paid: CA$20-25. Claude Lalumiére & Matthew Cheney, Co-editors. DoD: 23Aug07 Lovecraft's Weird Mysteries - 1-2/year print; h/supernat. Paid: $10 +copy. John Navroth, Editor. DoD: 29Oct08 Lucid Nightmares - was triannual e-zine; h/df/dark (fic). Paid: Halloween antho copy/royalty. David Byron, Editor. DoD: 30Nov09 Lunatic Chameleon - was annual print/webzine, dark themes (fic/poem/art). Paid: print-1 copy web-none. Nancy Purnell, Editor. DoD: 20Jan07 Lurid Lit - was weekly webzine/quarterly print; h/sleaze/expl. (flash/fic/nonfic). Paid: $20. Christopher Linebaugh, Editor. DoD: 04Aug09 Lurid Lit - was biweekly blogzine; h/exploitation (fic/nonfic). Paid: exposure. Chris Linebaugh, Editor DoD: 11Feb13 Lyrica - was quarterly webzine; romance, all genres (fic/flash/poem). Paid:
Moraine - was literary print quarterly, all genres. Paid $25 for One-time Rights, up to 5k words, POP. Aaron Evans, Editor-In-Chief Morpheus Press - was quarterly webzine; h/f/sf (fic). Paid: exposure. Adam Bradley, Editor. DoD: 07Mar06 Mount Zion SpecFic Review - was quarterly print; Appalachian h/f. Paid: $1+copy. Ryan L. Shelton/Mike Poole, Editors. DoD: 14Feb08 Mouseion - quarterly print; all genres (poem/art). Paid: £5 ($8) +copy Jessica Burton, Editor DoD: 01Jun05 Mudrock: Stories & Tales - was 3 x year print; most genres (fic). Paid: 2 copies. Brady Allen/Scott Geisel, Editors. DoD: 21Apr07 Multiverse Magazine - was bimonthly webzine; all genres (fic/nonfic). Paid: % of ad revenue. Wayne Selznick, Editor. DoD: 08Jul04 The Murder Hole - was weekly webzine; all genres, with murder. Paid: exposure. Brandi Atkerson, Editor (defunct) DoD: 27Jan05 Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine - was quarterly print; mys. Paid $10 +2 copies. Margo Power, Editor DoD: 3Jan01 Murky Depths - was quarterly print; dark SpecFic (fic/serials/nonfic/poem/art/comics). Paid: <£10. Terry Martin, Editor DoD: 30Nov11 Muse It - was webzine; most genres (fic/nonfic/poem). Paid: exposure. Richard Davis, Editor-in-Chief. DoD: 18Sep06 Mustang's Monster Corral - was weekly webzine; sf/noir mys (fic/nonfic/art/photo). Paid: <1¢/word. Jess Keith Harris (Mustang), Editor DoD: 21Oct13 Myrth - print, all genre/humor (never launched). Nathan Pflueger, Rachel Kanzer, & Liz Nettles, Editors Mystery Buff Magazine - was monthly print; mys. Paid: $30-50 +copy. Felita Daniels & Loreen Arnac, Editors DoD: 21Feb02 Mythic Blue Corn - PO Box 616, Normal, IL 61761 Mytholog - was quarterly webzine; sf/f/literary (flash/nonfic/poem/graphic fic/art). Paid: <$5. Asher Black, Editor-in-Chief. DoD: 03Oct07 N [TOP] Naked Reader Press - was e-books; sf/h/mys/sus/rom (fic). Paid: < 60% net royalty. Courtney Galloway, Acquisitions Editor DoD: 27May14 Naked Snake Online - was quarterly webzine; dark (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: exposure. Donna Taylor Burgess, Editor. DoD: 08Jul05 Naked Snake Press/NSP Books - was POD/e-books; h/dark. Paid: $100/10% roy. Donna Taylor Burgess, Editor/Publisher. DoD: 11Oct07 nanobison - was irregular webzine; sf/f/h (fic/art), themed. Paid: $10. Doug Helbling, Editor. DoD: 22Mar08 Narwhal - was quarterly print/weekly webzine; humor/satire (fic/flash/nonfic/poem/art/photo/comics). Paid: exposure. Ross Merriam, Editor DoD: 18Jun13 Nautilus Engine - was continuous Facebook zine; f/h/sf/mys, blends OK (fic/flash/nonfic). Paid: exposure. Ron Warren, Editor DoD: 10Jun13 Necrography - was biannual print; h/df (fic/nonfic/poem/art/photo). Paid: <$30. E. C. Stanke III, Editor. DoD: 05Oct09 Necrology Magazine - was quarterly print/PDF; sf/f/h (fic/nonfic/poem/art/comics/photos). Paid: <$25. John Ferguson, Editor. DoD: 31Jul08 Necrotic Tissue - was quarterly print; h/cross genre with h (fic). Paid: <5¢/word. Scott McCoy, Head Editor. DoD: 22Feb11 Neometropolis - was quarterly webzine; hard sf/slpstrm/cyberpunk (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: ¼-1¢/word. John Jacobs, Editor. DoD: 05Jan07 Neverary - was biannual webzine; speculative fiction (fic/nonfic/flash/poem). Paid: $10. Lon Prater, Editor. DoD: 29Mar05 Neverworlds - was monthly webzine; sf/df/h/mys/pyschothriller. Paid: $15-30. Jonathon M. Sullivan, Editor/Publisher DoD: 23Apr02 The New Bedlam Project - was annual (01Apr) eAntho; most genres (fic/poem). Pay: <$30. Jodi Lee, Editor/Publisher DoD: 26Jan15 New Ceres - was biannual webzine; all genres, shared world theme (fic/nonfic/art). Paid: 5¢/word. Alisa Krasnostein, Editor. DoD: 28Oct09 New Dawn Fades - never published; punk genres (fic/poem). Was to Paid: <$15. Jason Heller & Frank Romero, Editors. DoD: 08Dec08 New Humor - was irregularly published print; humorous stories. Paid: $15 & up. Edward Savaria Jr., Editor DoD: 7Nov00 New Realities - Jefferson Roberts, editor; E-mail New Voices in Film & Fiction - was quarterly webzine; h/df (fic/film). Paid: exposure. David Byron, Editor. DoD: 27Nov09 NexusTeq Publications - was e-book publisher; most genres; nonfic/story collections. Paid: 40% royalty. Nancy Rose, Acquisitions Editor DoD: 19Nov01 Nexxus - was quarterly webzine; literary sf (fic/nonfic). Paid: 5-7¢/word. Richmond Wilson, Editor-in-Chief. DoD: 21Feb04 NFG - was tri-annual print; most genres (fic/nonfic/poems/art). Paid: 3-5¢(Can)/word ($50 min.). Shar O'Brien, Editor-in-Chief. DoD: 27Jul05 The Night Land - -OIH- webzine; W.H. Hodgson-inspired fiction (fic/nonfic/poem). Paid: <13¢/word. Andy Robertson (decd), Editor DoD: 19Jun14 Night Shade Books - was print novels/collections; sf/f/h (fic). Paid: standard adv/roy. Jeremy Lassen, Publisher DoD: 27May14 Night Shopping - was quarterly webzine; dark h. Paid: exposure. Gail Davis & Eric S. Brown, Editors DoD: 18Nov03 Night Terrors - was quarterly print; supernatural/h/occult. Paid: 2 copies. D. E. Davidson, Editor. DoD: 20Sep07 Nihilist Sci Fi - was biweekly webzine; sf (fic). Paid: $5. Patrick Calum, Editor DoD: 27May13 Nil Desperandum - was monthly audio; any genre (fic). Paid: <$70. Jim Phillips, Editor DoD: 28Oct13 No Boundaries - was quarterly webzine; all genres except erotica. Paid: exposure. JennaKay Francis, Editor. DoD: 01Nov05 Noctem Aeternus - was free quarterly PDF; h (fic/nonfic). Paid: 10¢/word. Michael Knost, Editor. DoD: 09Mar08 Noctober - was monthly webzine; f/sf/slipstrm (fic/nonfic). Paid: $5. Rebecca Weybright, Editor. DoD: 03Jul09 Nocturnal Ooze - was bimonthly webzine; h. Paid: ½¢/word (flash: $5). K.A. Patterson, Senior Editor. DoD: 30Apr07 Noesis - was quarterly print; sf/f/psycho h/humor/satire. Paid: 1 copy Lesley Milner, Literary Editor Noneuclidean Cafe - was quarterly webzine; mainstrm/literary sf/h/mys (fic/nonfic/poem/art/photo). Paid: $5. James Swingle, Editor. DoD: 01Dec08 Non Stop Magazine - was quarterly print & disk; sf. Paid: 2-6¢/word. Luis Ortiz, Editor Northern Fusion - was biannual print, sf/f/h/df/blends. Paid: copy. Carol Weekes, Fiction/Poetry Editor & M.L. Lefebvre, Nonfiction/Art Editor NorthPoint - was weekly e-zine; adventure, all genres (fic/art). Paid: $1. Alex Moisi & Ashlee Norton, Editors. DoD: 18Jun08 Nossa Morte - was quarterly e-zine/PDF; h/thriller (fic/nonfic/art). Paid: 1-3¢/word. Melissa & Michael De Kler, Editors. DoD: 22Apr10 Nova SF - was quarterly print; Christian sf (fic). Paid: ½¢/word. Wesley Kawato, Editor DoD: 30Apr11 Novel Books, Inc. - was POD & e-publisher; most genres. Paid: 35% royalty. Phyllis A. Hussey, Publisher DoD: 23Dec04 Novello Publishers - was print novellas; humorous h (fic). Paid: 1-time payment. Nick Cato, Editor DoD: 04Jun14 Nuketown - monthly webzine (still published, but no fic) sf/f/h. Paid: $20. Kirsten Lincoln, Fiction Editor DoD: 25May02 NVF Magazine - was bimonthly e-zine; h/df/sf (fic/poem). Paid: exposure. David Byron, Founder/Owner. DoD: 10Jun09 O [TOP] Obsidian River - was weekly podcast/webzine; all genres (fic). Paid: 90% of donations. Nat Thompson, Editor. DoD: 13Jul09 Obsidian River (revived) - was weekly webzine; stmpnk (fic). Paid: $10. Nathaniel Alan Thompson, Editor DoD: 06May13 Oceans of the Mind - was quarterly e-zine; sf (themed) (fic). Paidy: <6¢/word. Richard Freeborn, Publisher. DoD: 20May08 Oddlands Magazine - was monthly webzine; sf/f/df/SpecFic (fic/poem/art). Paid: 1¢/word. Omar Singleton, Editor. DoD: 11Sep08 October Moon - was quarterly webzine; h/sf/dark f. Paid: exposure. Leslie Laurence, Editor DoD: 08Apr04 Odezines - was print novels; all romance genres (fic) Paid: 10% royalty. Megan Oravets, Owner. DoD: 20Feb07 Odyssey - print; sf/f. Paid: 3-6¢/word. Liz Holliday, Editor OG's Speculative Fiction - was bimonthly PDF; f/sf/h (fic/poem/art). Paid: $35. Seth Crossman, Editor DoD: 24May12 Omega Magazine - Deanna Riddle, editor, PO Box 137, Uniontown OH 44685 One Buck Horror - OIH irregular eAntho; h (fic/flash/art). Paid: 5¢/word.. Christopher Hawkins & Kris M. Hawkins, Editors DoD: 02May14 On the Brighter Side - was monthly e-zine; humor in all genres (fic/nonfic). Paid: 3-5¢/word. Susan Taylor & Gregg Winkler, Editors. DoD: 02Jan09 On the Night Highways - was quarterly print; h (fic/art). Paid: $5 +5 copies. Douglas A. Waltz, Editor. DoD: 16Dec07 Open Magazine - was monthly POD; sf/h/f/weird (fic/poem). Paid: $10 +3 copies. Ulysses E. Stanton, Editor. DoD: 28Mar11 Open Spaces - was quarterly print; insightful fiction, humor (fic/nonfic/poem). Paid: semipro. Anne Bradley, Fiction Editor DoD: 20Dec12 The Open Vein - was bimonthly PDF; h/df/dsf (fic/flash/art). Paid: exposure. Justin Burning, Editor. DoD: 31Dec09 Orbital Injection - monthly webzine (never published); sf/specfic (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Was to pay CA2¢/word (CA$30 max.). Julie Whan & Kerry Fraser, Editors DoD: 30Jul03 Orb Speculative Fiction - was print; SpecFic (fic/nonfic/poem/art), AU only. Paid: Aus$30. Sarah Endacott, Editor. DoD: 14Feb09 The Orphic Chronicle - was quarterly webzine; sf/f/h/occult/surreal/exp. Paid: ¼¢/word ($5 min.). S. Kay Elmore, Editor The Ossuary - was proposed bimonthly webzine (never published); h/surreal/bizarre/splatterpunk (flash). Paid $10. S. Lethonen, Editor DoD: 28Dec04 Other Dimension - biweekly/monthly webzine; sf/f/h/slpstrm. Paid: 1¢/word ($5 min./poem=$5). Jean Seok, Editor DoD: 31Oct02 The Outer Rim - was monthly webzine; sf/f/h. No pay. Laura, Fiction Editor (no e-mail). DoD: 11Oct02 Out of Ruins - was biweekly e-zine; dark genres (fic/poem). Paid: ¼¢/word ($10 max). Michael John Grist, Editor. DoD: 29Mar11 Outre Dark Publications - zines/anthos; h/df/hard sf. Paid: 3¢/word. Joseph Peter Mills, Publisher; Toni Stauffer, Editor. DoD: 26Jun07 Outshine - was ongoing twitter; sf only (tweets). Paid: $5. Jetse de Vries, Editor DoD: 16Sep11 P [TOP] Pagan Imagination - was monthly webzine; many genres (fic/nofic/poem/art). Kerry A. Morgan, Editor. DoD: 11Nov10 Palace of Reason - bimonthly webzine; all genres (fic). Paid: 3¢/word. Francis W. Porretto, Webmaster/Editor-In-Chief. E-mail DoD: 16May03 Palimpsest - was quarterly webzine; all genres. Paid: exposure. Shannon Wendt, Editor. E-mail DoD: 22Jul01 Palimpsest Press - was electronic publisher; all genres. Paid: 60% royalties. J.E. Aldana & Shannon Wendt, Co-editors. E-mail DoD: 15Nov00 Pandora's Imagination - was monthly webzine; pagan/erotica/rom/h/sf (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: exposure. Kerry A. Morgan, Editor DoD: 23Jun11 Pantechincon - was quarterly e-zine/PDF; sf/f/h (fic/nonfic). Paid: exposure. Trudi Topham, Editor. DoD: 31Aug09 Panurge - was biannual print; most genres (fic). John Murray, Editor/Publisher. DoD: 11Nov95 Papyrus - was weekly webzine; sf/f. Paid 3-5¢/word. Brent B. Newhall, Editor. DoD: 15Aug99 ParABNormal Digest - was semiannual print; paranormal/ghosts/shapeshifters (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Pay: <$15. Jessica Penot, Editor DoD: 01Feb15 Parade of Phantoms - was biweekly audio/webzine; h/mys/sus (fic). Paid: $20. Johnny Compton, Editor. DoD: 22May08 Paradox - was biannual print; historical & SpecFic (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: 3-5¢/word. Christopher M. Cevasco, Editor. DoD: 13May09 Paradox 12 - never published webzine; sf/f. Was to Paid: 3¢/word. Editor: ? DoD: 9Mar02 Parageography - was bimonthly webzine; sf/f (fic/nonfic/art). Paid: $5/story. David Stokes, Editor. DoD: 17Apr05 Paranormal Romance 2 - was bimonthly paperback; paranorm rom (fic). Paid: copies. Glenn & Hortencia, Editors. DoD: 04Nov09 Parchment Symbols - was annual print; vampire-related h/f/paranorn/f-rom. Paid: copy. Kate Hill & Portland Elizebeth, Editors. DoD: 12Feb02 Parsec - was 3x/year print; sf/f/h (fic/nonfic/art). Negotiated pay. Chris Krejlgaard, Managing Editor. DoD: 4Mar03 Paisley Stitchington's - was semiannual webzine; sf/f/h (fic) Paid: AU$50. Ben Payne, Editor DoD: 07Nov11 Peeping Tom - was quarterly print; h/dark/f/humor/sf. Paid £2.50/1k words. David Bell, Editor. E-mail Pegasus Online, the Fantasy & Science Fiction Ezine - was ezine; sf/f. Paid: exposure. Scott F. Marlowe, Editor. Defunct E-mail DoD: 29Oct02 Peep Show - was biannual print; erotic h. Paid: copies. Paul Fry, Editor (defunct) DoD: 3Mar03 Penny Dread - was to be triannual print; h/suprnat/cross genre (fic). Was to Paid: $0/1X$10. Jason/Lori Fairweather, Editors. DoD: 09Feb07 Penny Dreadful - was nearly annual literary print; gothic, literary h (fic/poem). Paid: copy. Michael M. Pendragon, Editor. DoD: 20Sep07 Penumbra - was monthly e-zine; all SpecFic genres (fic/flash/nonfic/poem). Paid: 5¢/word. Celina Summers, Editorial Director DoD: 10Nov14 Penumbric - was bimonthly webzine/annual print; edgy, most genres. Paid $10 min. Jeff Georgeson, Managing Editor. DoD: 20Jan05 Permutations - quarterly print; literary sf/f/h (fic). Was to Paid: $10-50 +copy. David Anaxagoras, Editor. DoD: 03Aug04 Phantasm Phobos Books - was print publisher; hard sf (fic). Paid: royalties. John J. Ordover, Editor-in Chief. DoD: 18Sep07 The-Phone-Book.com - quarterly audio, e-print & WAP; most genres (fic). Paid: <½£/word. Ben Stebbing, Editor. E-mail DoD: 02Aug03 Pill Hill Press - was POD/eBooks; h/f/sf/mys/rom (fic). Paid: 15% cover price, no advance. Jessy Marie Roberts, Executive Editor DoD: 22Jan13 Pillow Screams - was bimonthly e-zine, Erotic Horror. No payment, up to 2½k words. D.M. Yorton, Editor; Weston Ochse, Co-Editor; E-mail (W.Ochse) Pink Tree Press - was e-book publisher; mys/f, wholesome adventure. Paid: royalty, novel length. T. Russell Wingate, Managing Editor; DoD: 3Mar02 Pitch-Black, LLC - was print/e-book/audio; f (fic). Paid: 1-8¢/word or shared royalty. Daniel Eugene Blackston, Senior Editor. DoD: 30Jan07 Pithy Pages for Erudite Readers - was bimonthly PDF/Kindle; most genres (fic/flash/poem/cover art). Paid: <$75. Lynda Moore, Editor DoD: 04Nov14 Plain Magazine - was quarterly print; sf/h/bizzaro (fic). Paid: <$10. Newton Smith, Editor. DoD: 14May08 Planet Relish E-zine - was bi-monthly webzine; humorous sf/f/h (fic). Paid: $20. Mark Rapacioli, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief DoD: +12Jan04 Planet Magazine - was ad hoc/random web/blogzine; sf/f (fic/poem/art). Paid: exposure. Andrew McCann, Editor. DoD: 28Nov08 Play The Odds - was monthly print; all genres. Paid <$3500. words: <0.8. Barbra Stone, Fiction Editor DoD: ? Plotline Foyer - was webzine; most all genres. Paid $10 for no word limits. Hector Garza III, Editor. E-mail (not working) DoD: 8Nov00 PoetryFox.com - was print & web greeting cards & stationary; most genres (poem). Paid: $5 + copy. Erin Donahoe, Editor DoD: 25Aug04 The Poet's Cut - was monthly webzine; poetry, all styles/genres. Paid: exposure. Leslie Laurence, Editor. DoD: 29Aug07 Poor Mojo's Almanac(k) - was weekly webzine; most genres (fic/nonfic/poem). Paid: free beer. Giant Squid, Editor DoD: 21Aug12 Port Iris - -OIH- quarterly webzine/PDF; most genres (fic/art/nonfic). Paid: $10. Casey Seda, Editor DoD: 14Nov11 Postcards From... - was continuous e-zine; f/sf/h (fic). Paid: 5¢/word. Jeff Crook, Editor. DoD: 02Oct08 Post Mortem - was quarterly print; h (fic/art). Paid: 1 copy. Eric Hamel & Steven Lloyd, Editors. DoD: 03May06 Power Publishing - was e-book publisher; most genres. Paid: 50% royalties. Meirion Hughes, Editor. DoD: 12Jun02 Prairie Dog 13 - was quarterly print; literary/dark/surreal/experimental (fic/poem). Paid: $5. Nathan Tyree, Editor-in-Chief. DoD: 01Nov05 The Precipice - was bimonthly webzine; most genres (fic/opinion). Paid: exposure. Jesse Thompson, Editor. DoD: 09Aug07 Pretty Scary Member Fiction - was weekly e-zine; h/df (fic), female/members only. Pai: exposure. Elizabeth Blue, Editor DoD: 23Jun11 The Primordial Review - was biannual POD; all genres (fic/flash/nonfic/poem). Paid: $3-6. Cameron Pierce, Editor. DoD: 12Apr11 Prism Quarterly - was quarterly print; sf/f/experimental (fic/nonfic/poem). Paid: exposure. Daniel E. Blackston, SF Editor. DoD: 13Mar07 Prisoners of the Night - erotic vampire antho. Alayne Gelfand, Editor Problem Child - was semi-annual print; misbehaving stories, all genres (fic/poem/nonfic). Paid: copies. Lori Selke, Editor. DoD: 04Oct05 Project M. Zine - was bimonthly e-zine; most genres (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: 1¢/word (min/$5), poem/$10. C. Dennis Moore & D., Editors. DoD: 24Jan05 Pulp: A Fiction Magazine - was print; sf/f/df/h. Paid 1¢/word. Clancy O'Hara, Editor. Pulp Audience - was bi-annual print; sf/f/h. Paid AU1½¢/word. Jamie McGraw, Editor DoD: 12Feb01 Pulp Eternity - was irregular print; SpecFic/mys/fantastic rom; editor vanished; contractual obligations unfulfilled. Steve Algieri, Editor DoD: 19Jul00 Pulp Eternity Online - was webzine; sf/f/h. Paid 5¢/word; editor vanished leaving contractual obligations unfulfilled. Steve Algieri, Editor Pulphouse Magazine, Full Clip, & Abrupt Edge - Dean Wesley Smith, editor, PO Box 419, Lincoln City, OR 97367 Punk Horror Podcasts - was monthly podcast; h/"punk" (fic). Paid: exposure. Gabriel Llanas, Editor. DoD: 08Oct08 Purdee - was weekly e-zine/audio; all genres (fic/flash/poem/art/audio). Paid: exposure. Adam Tod leverton & Josh Skinner, Editors. DoD: 01Jul10 Q [TOP] Quantum Barbarian - was quarterly webzine; f/sf/h (fic). Paid: $5. Tyrone Brooks, Editor. DoD: 07Mar05 Quantum Kiss - was continuous webzine; SpecFic w/ rom element (fic/flash). Paid: <1¢/word. Mary Jo Jeffers & Bill Ledbetter, Editors DoD: 01Oct11 Quantum Realities - was quarterly e-zine; sf (fic/flash/nonfic/poem/art). Pay: <$25. Shawn M. Grimsley, Editor DoD: 26May14 Quill-Pen.net - was monthly print/webzine/PDF; (pulp fiction) crime/mys/erotica/h/f/sf (fic/nonfic). Paid: $10. Andrei V. Lefebvre, Editor. DoD: 07Dec05 QW Publishers - was print/e-book; fables/folklore/MagReal/weird tale/hist f/lit/quirky (fic/nonfic). Paid: net royalty. Tim Westover, Editor DoD: 10Nov14 R [TOP] Radius - Ewan Grantham, editor, 926 Oakview Lane, Anoka MN 55303 RAGE m a c h i n e - was bimonthly e-zine; most genres/detective (fic). Paid: equal share/all income. G. W. Thomas, Editor. DoD: 09Dec06 Ragged Edge E-zine - was monthly e-zine; most genres (fic/nonfic/poem). Paid: $10 or exposure. Wilson G. Marsh, Editor. DoD: 11Nov05 Rain Crow Magazine - was biannual print; all genres (fic). Paid: $5/per page +2 copies & subscription. M.S. Manley, Editor DoD: +21Dec03 The Random Eye - was annual eZine; most genres/humor (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Paid: $10. Melissa Jones, Editor. DoD: 23Apr11 Raven Electrick - was webzine; sf/f/h/mys (fic/poem). Paid: <3¢/word. Karen A. Romanko, Editor/Publisher. DoD: 13Jan09 Raven's Tale - 57910 Apple Lane, New Hudson MI 48165 Ray Gun Revival - was monthly webzine; space opera/golden age sf (fic). Paid: 1-5¢/word. Johne Cook, L.S. King, Paul Christian Glenn, Editors DoD: 08Jan13 Razar Magazine - was semiannual POD/PDF; h/sf/f (fic/nonfic/poem/art/photo/comics). Paid: ½¢/word. Paul Campbell, Editor. DoD: 20Sep07/14Feb09 Reality's Escape - was quarterly print; f/sf/df/h. Paid: 3¢/word. (See also 7 Realms Publishing) Celia L. Badon, Editor (not working) DoD: 13Oct01 Realms of Fantasy - was bimonthly print; all realms of fantasy (fiction/poem/art). Paid: min. 6¢/word. Shawna McCarthy, Editor. DoD: 02Nov11 The Reaper - bi-monthly print; mature h. Paid: ½-1¢/word ($50 max.). 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DoD: 28Mar05 Zero Gravity Freefall - Margaret Danielson, editor, Lake Retreat Publishing, 10530 128th Avenue N.E., Kirkland, WA 98033 The Zone - (continues as nonfic/art market) quarterly print; sf/f & h. Paid £5 +copy. Tony Lee, Editor DoD: 5Nov02 Zone 9 - John Peyton, editor, P.O. Box 38074, Charlotte, NC 28273-0001 Zug - was monthly webzine, general humor. Paid: ZUG T-shirt/bio page. John Hargrave, Editor.

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